Kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes & cupboards …
Together, let’s put more style in your lifestyle …

Cuisines PEZ – Pez Kitchens
A passion for interior design since 1979

A few delightful ingredients, plus skill, fine woods and a craftsman’s touch – and you have all you need for your uniquely perfect environment.

This recipe, our philosophy through the years, guides us each day in designing and constructing outstanding home interiors which not only match your needs but mirror your dreams. Sculpture, cabinet-making and finishes … all our enthusiasm and know-how is devoted to creating YOUR home’s very special interior.

There’s no point in hunting for the kitchen or bathroom model which is sure to suit you … It doesn’t exist yet! Let’s design it together …



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Cuisines JC Pez provençal-style and comtemporary kitchens homemade



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